Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Some Day....

"Some day", these are the words I hear myself saying more and more lately. Every year for the past twenty seven years or so when the Christmas season begins to approach, I find myself turning into a crazy, neurotic  screaming banshee. Orders are piled up, my studios a mess, I can't find a piece of paper to write on let alone a pencil or pen to write with. The phones ringing, the door buzzer is going off, the dog wants out, the coffees cold, the fish want fed, my leg hurts from my fall two months ago and the mailman left my supplies at someone else's house! Last night for a few precious minutes I was able to quickly glance through a Christmas magazine.There on the pages were wonderful pictures of homes completely decorated for the holiday season. Pictures of  vignettes with antique santas, fresh greens and cookies right out of the oven. The home owner looked so relaxed and happy to be enjoying the holiday season with her cup of (I'm sure warm) coffee in front of a fire. Switch back to me, in the studio late working on more stuff....The dogs asleep on her pillow, I'm huddled by , not a cozy fire but a propane heater for warmth. The belsnickles look like they are about to rebel and march out the door in a line singing "later crazy bitch!" A few more weeks of this madness then  maybe I will have time to get a Christmas tree..wonder if they are free after Christmas? The picture above is of myself and my sister, I'm the little one. Right now my sisters aboard a giant cruise ship in the pacific on her way to Hawaii and Mexico..hmm.. somethings not right in my life.."some day!"


  1. i have never seen that picture, it's quite cute. Mom and dad are having a great time and they weren't even fighting!

  2. That is a great picture. It made me cry!