Friday, February 15, 2013

Good Day Sunshine.....

Well here it is Feb. 15th, the day after Valentines Day. We've survived the Christmas season, the workload running up to the Feb. wholesale market, the market itself and now unpacking and trying to make sense of getting my store reopened on Feb. 25th for the Easter season.  Much to do and not much time. Wed. was my (hopefully) last eye surgery. It's been a long road with this eye, eight months to be exact of living in a somewhat distorted world. I've always had somewhat of a distorted mind but when your eyesight is also distorted and you do what I do, well it just makes life a little interesting! Today it was 44 degrees.. a small warm up for central PA.! Apple( the dog,) and I sat in the sun for awhile just soaking it up.Oh how I am looking forward to Spring...This has been a long cold winter.Depressing . Anyone who reads my blog knows we live in a old funeral home connected to an old mercantile store beside it. The temperature varies greatly from room to room.Having  ten foot high ceilings this house is hard and expensive to heat. We have hung plastic, closing off hallway areas that we don't need to keep warm, closed pocket doors and basically huddle around the pellet stove in the kitchen. Living large like a hermit! There are days I would like to chuck it all and move to The Villages in Florida! So whats next for us at Stamm House?Well, the plan is, get the store open on Feb. 25th. We should have lots of vintage style Easter, new children's toys and new retro candy! So here's hoping for an early Spring!

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