Saturday, November 23, 2013

Baby it's cold outside!

Yes, it is cold outside so that means one's the Christmas season again! Has another year flown by already? Maybe I've been asleep all year and just woke up. Wasn't there a fairy tale about that, no wait that was Sleeping Beauty. No sleeping beauty here, just a stressed out middle aged woman covered with paint, a dazed look on her face from lack of sleep and no idea what the day of the week it is! If you go back to last years blog at this same time it's pretty much the same story. It's belsnickle time as we are busy in the studio trying to get ready for the Der Belsnickle show in Boyertown Pa.This show has us traveling on Thanksgiving so I hope someone is open for dinner that night. Dec 12, 13 and 14th brings us to Christkindle Market here in Mifflinburg. We will be at the store where you will find our new Christkindle Star ornament this year along with several new Belsnickles and other goodies. Join us for hot coffee and coco, cookies and goodies. Here's a picture of some new works!

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