Monday, May 12, 2014


Well I do think summer has finally come to central Pa. I'm not sure if we saw any Spring but I will take this weather over last winter any day. After a very good Easter season and our business has slowed down a bit I have some free time to work on a few new ideas. I am posting a few pictures of items I've been playing around with. The Halloween bug has bitten early and I'm anxious to get going on some crazy funky jacks! In the pipeline  for this summer is a wonderful screaming hen with a toothache. Shes a candy container just waiting to be molded along with a 16 in German gnome, a new grinning jack, a witch on a pumpkin and a wonderful Scottie dog and container. Think our summer in the studio will be busy? On top of these projects we have three more 6 foot belsnickles on order so let the paper mache "mess" begin! The store received a mini makeover right after Christmas to pass the time. The frozen split water pipes in the store are about to be replaced and a new roof is going on the house this next week. It was one rough winter, one I never wish to go through again. So here's looking to summer, get as hot as you want...we will not complain!(too much).

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