Saturday, August 23, 2014

And we are rolling!

Good Lord, I haven't  posted since July! What have I been doing all summer? Well I'm not moving as fast as I use too. I think maybe now my age is catching up with me a little bit. A little less energy, a little more napping and a little more procrastinating! Fall is almost here and then comes the Christmas season so we are starting slowly to roll. I have spent the summer working on some new crazy Halloween  pieces. The funny thing is, the first of anything is new and exciting to make. Having to make more than one is boring. The new Halloween pieces are outside my normal working medium of molding reproductions. These new pieces involve working with several mediums to create one item ....not really crazy about that. Old dog, new tricks..NO. Shortly we will be onto Belsnickles and Santa's and all things Christmas, like by next week! Guy had a promotion at work so he is busier than ever which cuts into his time to mold. So we have had a few changes to deal with lately. On top of everything else we are in a major kitchen renovation which may not be done by the holidays and I will be a psycho!Here's a picture of my crazy teapot which pretty much sums up my mood!

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