Thursday, November 6, 2014

Goodbye Fall.....Hello Winter?

Ugh...Its coming..Winter. Can't it be Fall all year long? Well sadly we say goodbye to Halloween, the most wonderful holiday of the year, and hello to Christmas. The work pace is trying to speed up here in the Stamm House studio but unfortunately I haven't seemed to have gotten the memo yet! Maybe it's age or maybe it's well age. My brain is saying it's tired. My arthritic hands are saying they hurt and my eyeballs are saying they are strained. I have good intentions of getting up and running but seem to be easily distracted. We have a show coming up on November 28th and 29th in Boyerstown Pa. at the historical society. We better get a move on! November 30th we have late shoppers night here in Mifflinburg. The second week of December we have Mifflinburgs Christkindle Market. On top of all this we have our store open..soooo..I'd better get with it soon! Late nights, pots of coffee and my propane heater,'s a date!

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