Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Stay or Go?

Ive been a crafter almost 30 years now. When I started my business I was in my mid 20's. It was always a running joke at some of the large shows I did, where do old crafter's go? No one seemed to have an answer. The best we could come up with was we all ended up in some hippie commune out West somewhere! That was years ago, the time is drawing near now that Guy and I are some of the older crafters. We never thought years ago that someday we would retire, it seemed so far away. Well here we are. We have been fortunate  to have a brick and motor store in our downtown with our house connected to it. Sixteen years ago we bought this old place which has provided us with ample work space. We have been lucky to have a 1500 sq. ft studio and store , when some crafters I know still are working in tiny spaces or at kitchen tables. Sometimes I think the ones working in small spaces are the lucky ones, the more creative ones. I'm constantly pulled so many different directions with working in the front of the store and trying to create in the studio behind. I've done this a long time and I'm tired, very tired. Every season the store gets changed and every season new merchandise gets made.Over the years I have made thousands and thousands of reproductions and vintage style holiday items. Often customers will ask me about an item I made years ago and to be honest I cant remember what they are talking about. So, with all this being said, Guy and I are coming up on some big changes. For the past year we have been working on our little stone cabin at Penn's Creek. Hopefully we will be finished by the end of this year. The next phase is the house in town will be painted and ready to go on the  market. What about the store? Well I honestly think that brick and motor stores are dying. I know our old downtown has been dying a slow death over the past years. Right now I'd say it's barely on life support. Things are a changing and we have held out as long as we possibly could. We will keep the store for as long as this place is for sale. When it sells we will change to a online shop, probably Etsy or our own website. Will we have the large line we do now, no, but maybe the best of the best and new one of a kind creations. Here's to a new future and being able to breath again!


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