Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Deep in Renovation

It's that time again, another renovation in the store. While we are on our long winters break and wont be open until March, we decided to renovate. This is always the time of year  we clean out, cleanup and redo. This time the store is getting a more sophisticated look, more of a gallery look focusing on just our reproductions. Gone is the children's section, now that foyer will highlight the upcoming holiday season. The candy section has been reduced down to just the best retro candies plus we are adding some German candies to fit in with the new German theme. At Stamm House we have primarily made German reproduction holiday items so recreating the store to  have a German theme seemed to make sense. We will also be focusing on German putz animals. Today I received a wonderful sheep mold from Europe. This is an old push mold that makes a little sheep, found in a old toy factory. Last month I was able to get my hands on a little duck mold from an old German toy shop that went out of business. It still had the last duck they molded inside! There are many new Easter pieces in the works for this year along with some St. Patrick's Day candy containers. One of the most exciting new pieces we will be working on for Christmas 2017 is a very large reindeer candy container. There's much work to be done right now everywhere you look. Keep checking back, as the progress continues I will post pictures! By the way, I guess that retirement  I was talking about, ya, that's not happening anytime soon!

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  1. Sounds like the renovations are going to be super. I'm going to have to make the trip to your shoppe this Spring.