Sunday, January 21, 2018


With the new year comes changes. Some changes are good and some changes are not so good. My husband Guy has retired. Retired, what comes with that? Hopefully we will be able to do more with my business. I’m trying to stay positive that having more hands on to get the work done is a good thing. Like I said, I’m trying to be positive! Easter work is underway now. It’s been a slow start but we are now starting to pick up speed. I have several new Easter items for this year and I’m excited to get working. The weather here in central Pa has been down right miserable. I can’t remember the last time it had been as bitter cold as we just experienced. Hopefully that’s it for this winter. I had my last eye surgery a week ago and everything is good. I can see again..thank GOD! Raisin has become accustomed to sleeping in bed most days during this cold. She’s one lazy Rottweiler. I think her winter weight has climbed to 120 lbs. Shes a beast but also a baby. The store will open Friday March 1st for the Easter season so stop by and see what’s new!

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