Sunday, November 4, 2012

Aaah..It's good to be a gnome!

Today is Sunday and I didn't do a thing in my studio.Nothing. Sometimes it's just good to get away from work. With the Christmas season right around the corner my days are filled with santas, santas and more santas.When my santas start to look "grumpy" it's a good idea to try something else. This week we worked on these little happy pine cone gnomes. We love gnomes, who wouldn't. They are happy little magical creatures that live in the woods. They have kozy  little moss and stone houses with little glowing fireplaces. They spend their days doing all kinds of happy little jobs and humming happy little tunes! The little pine cone guys pictured  were patterned after one I got from the Chec Republic. My husband says we need to have a little name card attached to each of them. For some reason Mr. Stamm has named the gnome on the right..Barry..he's such a happy little fellow!

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