Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Crazy Town!

Today I'm crazy woman. That's not to say that I'm anything other than that most of the time! The whole day has felt like a mad dash to something. What I'm not sure but suspect it's the Christmas season. It gets like this around this time of the year, the days all blend together and I have to keep reminding myself  what day/week it is. Today started with voting.Guy, myself and our four year old gran-daughter went to the high school to vote. I took Lily into the voting booth with me and tried to explained what I was doing. Afterward all she said was she was glad that it was over and grammie should be president. Ok, simple enough! It was then back to the studio to finish some more belsnickles and try to work on the store a bit. I feel right now if I had at least three more sets of hands I might get things on track. Sadly I do not so it's just me when it comes to the store decoration. I grabbed a quick picture of the store window tonight. Now it's back to painting and watching the election results..will I be a happy camper..or moving to another country? We will see!

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