Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Oh Crap I guess It Has Really Been Awhile!

Well what can I say, I had every intention of getting back to this blog sooner! Looks like I haven't been here since April..Oh my! This seems to be the time of year we do basically..well nothing. I guess because we work our ass off during the fall and winter seasons so by the time summer  rolls around that's our vacation from work time! The stores still open and I'm tinkering in the studio with stuff that has otherwise has been on hold. This is the time I mess( very technical term) around with ideas that have been rattling around in my head for awhile like the pie pictured. He's a jolly fellow with a spun cotton nose. I guess you could say The Life Of Pie! I wish I had taken some pictures so you could have seen how he was made. I have to remember to start doing that! In other news, the big yellow Belsnickle was sold to The National Christmas Museum in Paradise Pa. We are now starting on another one for the same museum and one for another customer so I shouldn't say we aren't busy! Mifflinburg is now undergoing a large scale road reconstruction project that has closed our downtown. We have known this was coming for the last several years but non the less we are unhappy. If by any chance you may be planning to stop by the store, give us a call and I will tell you where to park in back of our shop...we  do have a rear entrance. Well until I return....keep checking!

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