Sunday, June 22, 2014

A little cat and mouse anyone?

Today's picture is of the cat I just finished. He's the cats meow! Actually he is my favorite. Sometimes working on one of my  creations I get so frustrated I want to take a pair of scissors and stab them but this guy was fun to make! Summertime is my down time when I have the freedom to work on anything new I want. It really is a nice change and keeps me creative. Soon enough we will be back in Belsnickle mode and complaining about the freezing cold here in central Pa. Guy is finishing up 200 small feather trees for a special order and then he's onto mold making for the upcoming season. There's molds that need to be remade and new ones waiting. I am working on these new items for Fall and then I need to turn my attention to our store for the Fall and Winter's never ending!

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