Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Quiet Saturday Morning

Well all is quiet at my house and studio this morning.The only thing I'm hearing is a rather vocal momma bird in the courtyard and an occasional car passing down Chestnut St. This all seems weird, Chestnut St is never quiet! Oh well I will enjoy it while I can. Guy has gone off to work this morning which is not his usual schedule. There is a Summer festival today which requires him to work the day schedule instead of the evening hours.Sooo quiet, quiet, quiet around here today. I have been working on more items for the new line of holiday ..?????. I'm not even sure what to call these guys yet, maybe veggie People, maybe Halloween Creeps or maybe just "Creepies". I don't know, I'll worry about that later. I've been putting in quite a bit of time on the designing of this line even though there are orders backed up waiting to be finished on our regular line of reproductions. Hey,  the more the merrier, isn't that what they say! Everything will get done eventually. Right now I am just going to enjoy my quiet before I open the store today.......ahhhhhhh..silence

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