Monday, June 8, 2015

The End.....

The past week has been a sad one for Guy and myself. Our beloved friend and my constant companion Apple has died. Over the past few months we all seemed to be aging gracefully together. Unfortunately Apple began going downhill very fast. At 9 1/2 our Rottie girl had lived a good life. She was my best friend and constant companion in my studio every day. She occasionally made appearances on my Facebook page showcasing all the goofy things she was up to. Guy and I are devastated at this loss but I'm sure with time we will be able to move on. We are just thankful to have had her for almost 10 years and we will never forget all the joy she brought into our lives......


  1. What a beautiful face. So sorry for your loss but happy for the love you shared with her.

  2. Thank You! Yes losing Apple was the most devastating experience I have ever been through.She will always be with me.