Saturday, July 4, 2015

The New Arrival

One month has passed since we lost our beloved friend Apple. The past month had been harder than I ever imagined. Yesterday I was able to locate a 12 week Rottweiler puppy after much searching. I had looked at rescue sites but it was a long and stressful process with mounds of paperwork. Just by one last chance I checked Craigslist..there she was..a little Rottweiler girl. Located in West Va. I immediately contacted the owner and off in the car we went! Fast forward 24 hours "Raisin" has settled in well. This first day and evening have gone well. She seems to understand we are her new parents. It is funny how a little fuzz ball can melt your heart again. That being said, Apple was  my girl and always will be. She was one special goofy Rottweiler and I will always love her. I greet her every morning on the cupboard in the living room and say goodnight to her every night. Raisin will earn her place in our lives over time. For now its remembering what puppy life is like. Its been 10 years and how quickly we forget! The baby gates are back up, the antiques are up even higher and they puppy classes are being scheduled

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  1. I can smell that puppy breath here in South Carolina.