Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Halloween and the puppy!

It's been a very long time since we have had a puppy around. This week I'm trying to start working on Halloween. My master plan was to be way ahead of the season this year. I had visions of fully stocked shelves by mid August. I would spend my days in Sept just enjoying the Fall season colors and taking a few walks, enjoying life. Nope, change of plans. A puppy has arrived! Can I get any work done? Not much. I'm trying but my days of being at my workbench for six hours straight are non existent, I'm lucky if I get two hours while Raisin is in her crate. This past Saturday we puppy proofed my studio. At this point I have no idea where all my supplies are. Things I would lean over and grab are gone to another room. What was I thinking getting another dog! For some weird reason I pictured another addition to our family just laying on her pillow in my studio like my beloved Apple did. Instead I have mini
beast! I'm sure this too shall pass with time and age if I live that long!

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