Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Life with Raisin

It's been four weeks since baby Raisin came to live with us. In that time I've had three shirts chewed beyond repair, one belsnickle eaten in the studio, one smashed witch lantern, a string of glass mercury beads taken out of a Christmas storage box, countless attempts to jump up on my work benches, backyard plants randomly pruned and my two forearms scratched with little needle teeth beyond recognition. I'd say its been a pretty good four weeks. Only a few piddles in the house! The first couple of days I thought we would need a whip and chair to tame the mini beast but as time passed she has blended in quite well. This past Saturday was Raisins first puppy training class. Guy like a proud father said that she was the best in the class and she did everything perfect! My work schedule in the studio seems to now be scheduled around puppy naps. This rings familiar, didn't I work like this when my kids were little? Somehow I am going to have to get going on Halloween and Christmas soon without the extra help of a rambunctious puppy. Right now I have a few cool pieces in the works but I can only work for short periods of time..hence, puppy playtime. Speaking of puppy play time Raisin will be going to doggie daycare in a week or two. This also rings familiar....been there done that with the kids..OMG this is just like having another child!

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