Saturday, August 29, 2015

Raisin Cain....

Baby Raisin is getting big. Overall she is fairly well behaved. The one area of trouble we still are having is the is fight to the death over something she has found. This morning was a candle stick she grabbed of the kitchen table. Once her little jaws are locked down on something she deems "hers", the fight is on. This mornings knock down drag out sounded like someone was going to end up bloody! Training, training, training is the only way to correct this behavior. It may take 100 times, it may take more but eventually she will come to understand that not everything has to be a fight. Today is Raisins last day of obedience class and registration for the next upcoming sessions.While Guy is working with her on her behavior I am in the studio working on Halloween. My stores official opening for the season is Tuesday September 1st. I'm ready to go but I have to say I will miss my days of summer break where I got to do absolutely nothing. Back in creativity mode and shortly onto Belsnickles..yes, the C word is coming!


  1. I love reading about Baby Raisin. One of my pups still will not give up a find if it is anything in the food groups.He is a little Yorkie but has jumped onto the TV tray table, stole a whole sandwich and ran around with it while we chased him! We say if Captain Jack Sparrow had a dog, it would be our Jazzy. But his beginning was pretty rough until we rescued him so we tend to be rather forgiving of his naughtiness. Your store, is it in Mifflinburg? Is it your studio?

  2. Do you have a catalog,how do you purchase your Easteritems

    1. Hi thanks for looking! We are located in Mifflinburg Pa. The store and studio are located at 345 Chestnut St. Right now out of the area customers email me if they are interested in any of the things we make. I also have picture, daily on my Facebook page. Facebook is under my name, Kay Stamm not Stamm House.