Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Beast

How can that sweet little puppy at 6 months turn into a unruly terror at 8 months? Raisin is definitely raising cane. With the Christmas season here and we are so busy in the studio she has been making her displeasure well known this week. Today has been nothing than a battle of wills. Two nights ago I came in from the studio to find Raisin had very neatly removed the entire rug binding the whole way down my 10 foot rug. Then there was the antique dry sink shelf chewing. Now my dry sink looks like a horse chewed all along the bottom shelf. Right now the term "She Devil" comes to mind! Lets see there's the barking and thumping at the Amish Buggies as they pass by the front window. Then there's the  " I'm not going to get in the car" when I pick her up from doggy daycare. There's me in the parking lot trying to lift this 80 lbs dog.....God this girl is killing me! Every Monday at sunrise she goes to doggy daycare. It's the best $29.00 I could ever spend! Raisins there until 5:30 in the evening and she does have a blast. It's good for her to socialize  and run with other dogs. OK enough about my unruly beast. With Christmas upon us, shop small business Saturday and our late shoppers night we are terribly busy. I have been painting Belsnickles, making Polish Star ornaments and basically going on little sleep. Here' a peek....

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