Saturday, January 16, 2016

Welcome 2016!

Well it's already a new year, how time fly's! After surviving what turned out to be another busy Christmas season, Guy and I are taking a much needed break. This is the time of year we close the store for awhile, focusing instead on making new molds, redecorating the store and basically getting ready for the Easter/Spring season. We have been able to purchase several new exciting antique holiday items to reproduce. I was thrilled to snag a new 9 inch German belsnickle this year. This is not always possible due to the high prices on the antique pieces. Other items include a antique George Washington bust candy container, several early rabbits and nodder's, a small German horse plus several assorted other items I'm excited about! At this point we have our hands full with quite a bit to get finished. We have decided to not go to the Market Square February show in Oaks Pa.this year. We need to stay home and work on our new line, sadly I will miss not being part of the show. Next year, we will be back. I'm planning to reopen the store around the end of February due to Easter being very early this year. Raisin continues to keep us on our toes. I'm estimating her weight now to be close to 100 pounds at 9 months old. Shes a very chunky girl. All of her training classes have payed off, she listens well and she still LOVES Mondays when she goes to Stay and Play. We love it too because she plays off a lot of energy. With the mild weather the Northeast has been experiencing this winter, hopefully we will have an early Spring. I myself am looking towards this year being a time of change and new directions....Here's to a very Happy New Year!

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