Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hopping Into Easter!

Well Easters coming sooner than I had expected. Guy and I are in the studio working on some new Easter molds. It has been a slow start with each of us not wanting to quite give up our "winter break" yet. After looking at the calendar and realizing that Easter is very early this year I thought we better get going! Changing seasons in the store is a big big project. With each year that passes I swear it will be the last but for some unknown reason I keep working year after year. I suspect that when my end comes some unsuspecting customer will find my bare skeleton sitting at my workbench with a paint brush clutched in my bony hand!
seriously changing the whole store to a new season is a lot of work for one person. Guy repainted all the interiors of the cabinets for me last week. I rearranged the store layout and did the displays. Customers can now see my mini museum of vintage toys all displayed on top of the cabinets. I'm now back to painting and sculpting Easter items. The store will reopen on Tuesday March 1st at 10am. Lets all hope for an early spring! Until we see you...Guy, Raisin and I will be busy!

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