Monday, April 24, 2017

Round Two!

Well if you have been a long time follower of this blog what I'm about to write will sound familiar to you. Five years ago I had a retina detachment in my left eye while working on a very large paper mache elephant project. Fast forward to today and I now am post surgery from another retina detachment in my right eye. How lucky can one crafter get? This time recovery is a little bit rough with much more discomfort and irritation. I guess on the bright side, if there is one right now, we did make it through the Easter season before this happened. For the time being, Stamm House will be closed for awhile until I get back to normal. Ill be taking this time to rest and see where my eyesight ends up.Right now it looks like I am looking through a fishbowl in my eye because of the gas bubble they have placed in there. I could audition for The Walking Dead because I definitely look like a zombie eye and right now I have a mood to match! Until later........

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