Saturday, June 10, 2017

Hazy Summer Days

Well summers finally here in central Pennsylvania. We have been fortunate that our temperatures have been on the cooler side so far. This coming week all that is suppose to change. Being the summer season Stamm House has been closed. Summer is slow for us and I feel that I have other things that need my attention. For the past year we have been remodeling our little stone cabin. We are finally at the point of making the move . By September we should be all moved in and living there. The store will remain at our location in town for until the building sells which may take quite awhile. Everything considered this is the right move for us at the right time of our lives. I had another eye event in April. Another retina detachment in my other eye, the good eye. So now I'm  two for two which leaves me with really screwed up vision. This time was a much harder recovery which is not over yet. Right now even with my glasses its very hard to focus. Hopefully in the next month or so I will be ready for another eye exam and HOPEFULLY they can make my vision somewhat better. This has been a very frustrating situation especially trying to do any work. So life goes on here and with fingers crossed the Fall and Christmas season will  get rolling in the next few months without any problems! Raisin has grown into a big chunky brat. Next month is her checkup and Im sure the vet will have some words for her about her weight. I wouldn't be surprised if she hits 120 lbs. For a female that is big! She's a handful and extremely strong, too strong for Guy and I. We do our weekly visits to Lowes, Petsmart and Starbucks for her pupchino treat. Everyone loves her and she loves them thankfully.
Until I write again......

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