Friday, October 5, 2012

And to all a good night!

The big belsnickle project is finished. It's been along week with many projects rolling along at once. I, having taken a nasty fall two weeks ago am still hobbling around like a little elf! Along with my continuing eye problem(which my doctor said is excellent except the gas bubble isn't gone yet) my mobility is limited. We worked on this big guy this week along with a large Santa order for a dear friend in Ohio who once a year has a big Christmas bash and gives all the attendees a different one of our Santa's every year. My store is being decorated for Christmas with belsnickles, German sheep, feather trees and all sorts of goodies for the season. We now will turn our attention to a trade show we will be exhibiting at in Gettysburg Pa. mid Oct so We've gotta get moving! Here's a picture of the big guy!

1 comment:

  1. He is the perfect shade of goldish yellow. I'm glad you didn't go with RED so boring. I also love the polka dot bedding in the pic.