Sunday, October 28, 2012

Waiting and watching....

The mother of all storms is soon to be upon us. Thinking about the age of my house, I think (she) would have seen it all by now. Built in 1830 I can't imagine that this old brick house hasn't done a few serious rounds with mother nature in her 182 years. Our biggest challenge is the rain runoff from the roof. Several years ago our borough instructed everyone that had spouting that ran into the sanitary storm drains to plug up their  drains thus leaving us to have our courtyard flood every time in rains.The problem then becomes, the courtyard floods being surrounded by walls, then the water runs into our basement. If it's a bad storm like this one, the house basement that connects with the store basement turns into one big gigantic lake.The pumps can hardly keep up with the water so waiting for what this mother of all storms is going to do is a bit worrisome! I don't think we will blow away like Dorthy but I did take in my candy balls in front of the store. After all the work to make those things I would hate to see them floating down main street or flying through the air into someones store window let alone my own! Now  our other house(cottage) out on Penns Creek may fly away. Being a little stone cabin with a tin roof, the roof could take off or worse case the place could flood being on the creek. Our cabin sits 30 feet above the water but I have seen the cute little creek expand into a ragging torrent and come have way up the embankment! Will this storm make the creek rise higher? Every year when I write the flood insurance check I bitch and moan about what a rip off it is..this may be the year I eat those words! Well enough about mother nature and her trick or treating on Pa. I do have a order of belsnickles to finish and ship off to Shaker Workshops catalog so I hope the power doesn't go out. I'm posting a picture of a new little belsnickle candy container we just finished. He's popping out of the chimney and comes with a bag of hard fruit candy from Germany inside..yummy!

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