Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm feeling a bit toasty!

Well today brings another day of not much of anything. I've reached the frustration point with my eye sight. My doctor says the eyesight will come back but it will still be a few months away. Just in case we don't get the outcome we are hoping for I've been doing some reading on retraining. I feel like a little child about to have a temper tantrum when I can't do the simplest thing like picking up a cup of coffee....with one eye my hand and the cup are not connecting. Maybe I could get a "seeing eye" monkey to do these things for, I don't really like monkeys, their creepy and could go nuts and poke my other eye out! I tried to putter around in the studio and I managed to do a few small toasty marshmallows. I always like to think of any situation as a learning experience..this situation, maybe it's telling me I need to go camping!

1 comment:

  1. time for you to rent "At First Sight", "Scent of a Woman", and "Helen Keller". Sulk it up. I do love the marshmallows. Very cute.