Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ring around the Rosie

I haven't blogged for a few days because life has been swirling around me. I was thinking about the nursery rhyme..Ring around the Rosie. In my mind am I the "Rosie" in the center, stable and secure or am I the swirling ring spiraling out of control around it? Some day's I think I'm the "Rosie", other days I'm the "ring". Yesterday was a one month post op checkup. Everything's good. The doctor said he will see me next month and the gas bubble should be dissolved in my eye by then. If all goes well he will release me for cataract surgery. Good report so off  we went to Michael's  for craft supplies, gotta love their coupons! After I had my supply fix it was on to pick up Kentucky Fried Chicken and have lunch with my elderly aunt. Up until this point I was feeling like the "Rosie" stable and secure. Enter the "ring". No longer was there a Kentucky Fried Chicken! All my aunt had talked about to everyone and anyone  all week was the Kentucky Fried Chicken I was bringing for lunch on Tues! With my aunts  limited mobility her world is small and this chicken was a big big deal. Ok make the dreaded phone call..there's no KFC. After delivering the news with caution, we decided on Subway, Pepsi and glazed donuts...the donuts were not my doing, my aunts just a bit stubborn about this kind of thing.....she decides what she wants, diabetes or not..she's 83 and your not going to change her now! So after a quick reshuffle onward with the lunch. I was expecting to do her grocery shopping after our lunch date so when my aunt said.."no no I don't want you to spend your time doing that" I have to admit I was relieved..With a smile on my face I said.."Ok". In my mind I was thinking good, it's hot as hell out, my air conditioner in the car isn't working and really I'm just to damn tired to go grocery shopping. I'm back to being the Rosie! But more than a minute later I heard the words.."Well I could use a loaf of bread!" and oh, by the way "here's a list of other things I need" as she handed me a shopping list! Ring, ring, ring! I'm spiraling...ok I've got one foot out the door and the shopping list in my hand when I hear.."Oh..I'd like some ice cream" Oh crap now I have to get ice cream on this hellish hot day! Ring a ding a ding! Well to sum this up, everything was completed, my aunt was happy and I was one tired eyed woman just waiting to get home! So, Ring around the rosie, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down! Yep, we do!

P.S I know there are several meanings to this nursery rhyme, I just choose to think of it as a children's fun game!

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  1. The last 3 times I ate at Kentucky Fried chicken it sucked, went down the tubes. Literally. So best you didn't get it, it might have killed her. Although, I can't believe you didn't have time to whip up a batch of the secret recipe chicken then create a mold to perfectly fit the cardboard bucket to present to her. : ) just kidding