Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm going bananas!

This week has brought a welcomed departure from so much Halloween work. I was in the studio burnt out on pumpkins, cats, witches and the likes of the Halloween season when my box of paper mache forms fell open and out popped a banana! This gave me the excuse I was looking for, to do something different! I had picked up quiet a few of these fruit forms on a clearance  months ago and thought someday I could do something creative with them. This was the day..something said..  GO BANANAS! After a few hours of  "banana play", I ended up with a pile of these guys not quite knowing what to do with them.  Here's the picture of the end result..the banana tree. The sly Zebra keeps getting in my pictures, he's a sneaky guy you cannot trust! If I'm missing some bananas, I know who ate them!

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