Wednesday, September 5, 2012

One elephant and three crazy pigs!

Today was a catch up and finish projects day in the studio. Late last night I spent a few hours moving work benches and paint tables just to "fluff" up the work space.I like a nice clean working environment so every now and then I go through this moving and cleaning phase.For those of you who don't know, I live in a funeral home. Our house and store was the Strunk Funeral Home for over 100 years in the same family.Our studio is where the bodies were processed and yes, we do have an embalming room which is where all the molding and sculpting is done. My store to the front was the casket show room and our home was where the funerals were held in the front parlor. Ok , yes we have spirits.Harmless ones.We have a ghost cat who made itself known the first time we were ever in the store. He comes and goes from time to time, walking into the walls. This is a cool old place and someday I'll post some pictures of it when I have the time. Here's the result of today's "catch up"..An elephant lantern and two more different pigs to go with the first pig I did. These are for you Jen!
Sweet Dreams!

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  1. I showed Dwayne your creepy pigs, he thought they were funny. I again, won't sleep tonight.