Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's turkey time!

I'm posting a picture of the largest turkey candy container we make. We only make a  couple of these every few years because of their difficulty, he's a real challenge! Today was a very fragmented day. It started early this morning with my granddaughter Lily standing beside my bed and scaring the life out of me! I wasn't expecting her quite so early but at only four years old she thought it was funny to see "grammie" jump awake.The morning continued on with me trying to have my cup of coffee in peace and quiet and Lily wanting me to play even when I couldn't focus yet. After breakfast, play dough, Don't Spill The Beans, glue crafts, squirt guns, Shrek2, and Scobbie Doo we ate lunch and mommy came to pick her up! By this time grammie was pooped and needed a nap. Tonight I finished this candy container..his head pulls off the front. Tomorrow will be another early day with Lily. Thankfully she loves crafts so just maybe I'll have someone to take over by business someday if we can just get past the glue craft stage!

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