Thursday, September 13, 2012

Waiting in the wings.....

This week has brought the wrapping up of  unfinished loose ends. A few stray jack o lanterns, witch lanterns and belsnickles finally were finished and put into the store hopefully to find new homes soon! We have started on the six foot belsnickle and oh, what a project we have embarked on! This guy isn't to easy. Right now we are stuck on how to proceed on filling out his torso area. Guy and I both have different ideas about the construction so we are battling it out right now between us. I've come up with a new idea which is more labor intensive but may have a better outcome. I'll run this by Guy in the morning after his first few cups of coffee! More caffeine equals more agreeable! I'm posting a picture which isn't much to look at right now but hey, you can at least get an idea of our craziness!

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