Saturday, August 25, 2012

Little acorn!

With fall right around the corner I thought I'd play around with a smaller version of acorns. These little guys make me smile! It's Sat. and that means trying to finish up all the loose ends I've been working on this week. I have a retail store picking up their Belsnickle order on Monday so finishing that is on the top of my list. Tues. will bring an eye checkup so hopefully the doctor can give me an "eye" dea..ha, ha, a little eyeball humor...of how much longer I will have this gas bubble in my eye. I can see around the bubble now somewhat so I know the eyesight is there. Last step will be cataract surgery then HOPEFULLY all will be done and I can just keep on rolling! The coming seasons are going to move faster than I would like so we need to be ready. Guys been molding  jacks, cats, witches, gourds and a bunch of other things. Shortly he will switch his molding to belsnickles and Christmas figures. German feather trees  are another project we need to get going. We dye our own feathers and Guy makes trees from 2 ft to 5 ft. All of our trees are made
by hand following the originals. Putz sheep are another item we make from the original antiques. So with much work ahead of me I'd better get moving this morning.....

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  1. these are cute and not scary like the pig. Like them a lot.