Thursday, July 12, 2012

Can you teach an old crafter new tricks?

Last night in an email, a new found friend stated she hadn't seen much of an internet presence for my business. After giving her comment some thought I realized she was exactly right. Had all this blogging, Facebook, tweeting,  live traffic feeds, Instagram and Flicker  passed me by and I didn't notice? Do I even know what I'm talking about? I've dabbled with Facebook the past few months, learned how to take and post a picture with Instagram but that's about it.After 27 years in the crafting business, I'm so entrenched in the "old school" way of doing thing's that I wonder if I even have the mental capacity of keeping up with all these new ways of promoting the craft that I have done for so long. I had to laugh at myself when I sat down to start this blog. I would think most blogger's sit down at their computer and type away  using spell check and auto correct. Well here I was, scribbling this first blog down on a piece of orange construction paper I found in my studio! Can you teach an old crafter new tricks? Well we will see..stay tuned!

Happy Days


  1. The answer is YES Kay, you can... so here's to the new blog and new online adventures too! ~ Lori

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