Friday, July 27, 2012

The pickle man commeth!

Today is one of those weird days we have multiple projects going on at once. I could be talking about one project and my husband could be answering me thinking it was a different project. Who knows what we will end up with by the end of the day. The big project for today is making two giant candy balls for outside in front of the store. I have two big urns outside and why not have candy people in them? Sounds like a normal idea to me! It will definitely get some attention.  One of the other ideas was the pickle men. Each one is a one of a kind. I need to stress to my customers who have bought my reproductions for years, that these are sculpted not molded. Anytime I say "sculpted" you will know that there is only one available. I may make another one that is similar but it won't be exactly the same so if you want the one pictured you better get it quick! Here's a look........

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