Sunday, July 15, 2012

S..Is for Super Soul Sunday (In pajama's)

I've found a new program that I can really connect with. Being somewhat of a Oprah fan in the past I checked out her Super Soul Sunday on the OWN network.For the past couple hours I've been on the couch drinking in all it's wisdom's in my pajamas. My elephant is waiting in the 90 plus degree garage for eyes. I wanted to post a finished picture today but it may have to wait a bit until the weather cools a little. Humidity is my evil arch enemy..I hate the guy making me all sweaty and sticky! Who knows what kind of eye's the elephant would end up with if I had to paint in that heat.  He'd be one nasty looking elephant! I may post a picture tonight of a  Jack O lantern with his toad I finished this week. This is a sculpted piece so there won't be another...keep watching!
Happy Super Soul Sunday!

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