Saturday, July 28, 2012

One day your in and the next day your out!

Well last night brought me the news that I'm out once again. Sadly my left eye said" Whoa, just wait a minute, you're not getting away so easily, I want to mess up your vision a little bit more!' After yet another trip to the hospital late last night the news of another tear in my retina left me wanting to run screaming into the street, if only I could see well enough to run, let alone find the street! Back to square one sort of. Monday will bring another trip to a new specialist another hour away. More needles and a good chance of surgery.All I want to do is get back to work and finish my candy balls while I can still see them! Yesterday we had an issue of the punch balls popping several times when we applied the paper mache. Fortunately we  were able to get a few coats dried and the balls kept their shape. Looks like this project may be on hold this week until Miss Crappy Eye is fixed! Keep your fingers crossed all goes well........


  1. well if this eye thing doesn't work out you could get one of those fake glass eyes that you can take out at parties and creep everyone out. Best of luck and keep us posted.

  2. OMG! Can you imagine that! A fake eye.....Lord help me now! I believe the other night I told the doctor to just pluck the damn eye out!