Monday, July 23, 2012

To work or not to work?

Well it's week two of my eye situation. I think at last count I had 7 or 8 doctor visits last week. Yesterday I went out and stocked up on craft supplies which was a bright spot in my day. Today my husband went back to work. He had been home with me all week helping where I was having trouble seeing. I'm on my own today and so far so good but I'm still somewhat  blurry in my left eye. I did do a bit of sculpting last night. The up close work is difficult still. I have so many pieces in the pipeline and I'm dying to get them finished so everyone can see them! Today I'm cleaning the store in hopes of getting open by the weekend. Watch in a few days for some picture postings as I am determined to get SOMETHING done! Tomorrows another doctors appointment  to which I am going to try and drive myself. Fingers crossed I'll make it there and back....

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