Thursday, July 19, 2012

There's a fish bowl in my eye!

For anyone who knows I tore my retina and have been at the hospital like a zillion times this week, here's where I'm at with the eyesight thing. If you looked at me all you would see is a very red eye. If I look at you I see a big round giggly bubble in my left eye.I'm looking through it to see you. This is a treatment they use to push the lining of my retina back to the wall of my eyeball..we are talking the inside of my eyeball. Sounds gross. Now when the doctor told me what they were going to do of course my first thought was..big gas filled bubble inside my eye? How's that possible? Quickly my brain said..Oh God there's one way and one way only that this "bubble" can get in my eye and that would be by a needle...panic time! My doctor said he had to do this, this was very serious and I could go blind if this wasn't taken care of right away. At this point I'm thinking..Ok knock me out, do what you have to, just get it done.After allot of numbing drops, a few injections to numb the eye, he inserted the gas bubble. Not too bad, just damn annoying floating in my eye. Now home to lay on my side and let the bubble do it's job. Me and my bubble. It looks like a fish bowl in my eye. Maybe they could put a tiny goldfish in there so I have something to watch while this is doing it's thing! The bubble should be gone in a few more days..I guess it just goes away. My eyesight won't be 100 % again in the left eye. Two days ago they did some laser treatments on my eye..that brought on a panic attack. Laser beam and the inside of my eyeball  just didn't sit well with me and it hurt like hell besides! Yep bring on the panic attack , felt like I was going to pass out! I have a great doctor who was very gentle so after some more numbing injections I was able to get through it. Yesterdays visit was just a checkup. Nothing done to the eye thankfully because my eye feels like it has been plucked out, kicked around and shoved back in the socket from the day before! Back again tomorrow for another checkup. I'm anxious to get back to elephants waiting to get it's finished picture taken. There's all kinds of unfinished pieces waiting. Hopefully I'll get back to work next week after my fishbowl finds another home!
Happy Days

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