Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Elephant in the room

Here's a picture of the hellish elephant project we have tackled all week. Who's idea was this thing anyway..ok it was one of my, I'm bored today so lets make an elephant ideas! We started this elephant around a year and a half ago. The first few days we worked like mad on this thing. After rolls and rolls of newsprint, masking tape and quite a bit of foul language we put the project on the shelf for awhile. Day after day, week after week we would walk by and watch his paper  slowly falling off along with the tape. Last week that was the breaking point, the poor guy had to get finished. Every night this past week when my husband came home from work he stopped in the 90 degree garage and plastered a few more coats on this guy. Last night was the final coat of paper mache and fingers crossed tomorrow we will have a grey elephant. Here's a preview .....

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