Friday, July 13, 2012

Ok ..what do I do now?

Well it's day two for this blog and I'm wondering whats the protocol  for blogging. Do I do this everyday? Do I do this more than once a day? Do I do this every time I have a thought about wait I think that falls under "tweeting". I don't tweet, I squawk at my husband sometimes but that's about it! Now back on track about this blogging. The premise of this blog is to be about my business. Some of you know we have been making vintage style holiday decorations for a long  time, twenty seven years to be exact. We reproduce German belsnickles and putz sheep, German Easter candy containers and lots of German and American Halloween lanterns, veggie people, a few Thanksgiving turkeys, Uncle Sam's and St. Patrick's Day. That about covers it. The other part of our business is we have a retro children's store here in Mifflinburg Pa. How this came about I'm not quite sure. My love of children's books, graphics and "kitchy" collectibles may have been the catalyst for the store. Hey doesn't everyone needs a place to play when their feeling blue so why not open a store!Seriously, the shop is cute and fun. The neighborhood kids call me the candy lady since we have a nostalgic candy counter filled with all the old school candies, old fashioned soda pop with paper straws....paper you remember those?  Now I think this is the part where I should post a picture of the shop or a cute display..humm, I'm not sure how to do that yet.   I think I need to go drag my husband here to help me figure this part out. Last I saw him he was in the garage working on a big paper mache kidding, it's a display prop for the store. OK I'm going to find him now so if I don't get back to finish these thoughts and pictures for today..well tune in tomorrow!

Happy Days!


  1. sometimes i blog once a week, sometimes once a month. you should just blog whenever you feel the urge to get something off your chest or have something funny to say.

    1. Thanks Jen..One question, I put a follow link on the side of the page, is that where it shows people who follow this? I'm such a baby blogger!

  2. sure is, I'll add myself so you can see.