Saturday, July 14, 2012

Something stinks in elephant land!

Well as you can tell from this post I haven't gotten the posting of pictures down quite yet. Yesterday turned out to be one of those I'd rather go back to bed days than dealing with everything that was swirling around me! Our rather large elephant project well, just plain stinks. Anyone who has worked with paper mache on a hot summer day will know what I mean! The garage must be close to 90 degrees and we have a mixture of flour and water in a bucket that smells sour mash from a still. This is my husbands description which I have no idea why he would know what that smells like! Mr. Stamm  is from Hawaii and I don't think he was raised around moon shine....maybe there's a side of him I don't know about! Humm, I'll have to question him about his days on the island, just what was he doing back there in the palm trees? Anyway customers are starting to ask for Halloween lanterns and such. I'm stuck in stinky elephant hell right now so how I'm going to switch gears and start working on orders I have no idea.....maybe first I need a nap!
Stay tuned...
Happy Days

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